Fire and Ice Reversible Cuirass


This piece was juried into the Convergence Exhibition
sponsored by the International Society for Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) and traveled to the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee and the ISGB Convergence Meeting in Miami.

Instructions are published in the special Bead&Button publication, Jewelry Designs with Art Glass Beads.

What makes this piece special:
This piece presented two interesting challenges, designing within the confines of a theme, the four elements; and working with a lampwork artist, Holly Young, who I had never met. Since she was located clear across the country, it was important to effectively communicate the design that was in my mind’s eye; not always easy when you are used to working solo.

What (or who) inspired this piece:
The work was inspired by the opposite forces at work in nature, fire and ice are extreme states hot and cold. It was also inspired by a piece of armour, a breast plate called a cuirass. The cuirass is worn on the front and back of the body, attached at the shoulder.

Why you enjoyed making this piece:
The directions called for art jewelry which meant I could take the work over the top rather than worrying about whether you could wear it to the office. It is designed to be worn as a statement and you can choose fire or ice for the front depending on your mood. There is one practical element, the two sides can be worn separately for a slightly more subdued effect.